Cutting Edge Science to Create New Animal Health Pharmaceuticals

Cutting Edge Science to Create New Animal Health Pharmaceuticals

About Us


Translating Human Health Research to Animal Health Products

  • 58 Billion US Dollars are spent annually in human health R&D
  • Less than 12% of human health drug candidates ultimately achieve product approval
  • Animal Drug approvals for new chemical entities remain less than 5 per year
  • Simini Technologies unites seasoned human and animal development professionals with one mission:
  • Mine the universe of innovation from human health to deliver new pharmaceuticals for our closest companions


Our Philosophy

We love technology.

Technology is both science and art.

The science is achieving maximum effect while providing the most convenient delivery.  

The art is developing optimal applications or combining effects to produce great solutions.

Our focus is the art of technology.

Translating cutting edge science from human health into new and effective pharmaceuticals for companion animals.


Our Approach

To exhaustively survey the latest scientific developments in human health for opportunities to advance breakthrough therapies that can change treatment paradigms in animal health.

Utilize a specialized team to evaluate each opportunity across multiple disciplines including: pharmacology, safety/toxicology, manufacturing, regulatory, intellectual property and marketing.

Work closely with in-licensing partners to create an arrangement of aligned interests that will be supportive for the development programs of our partners as well as animal health applications.

Interact collaboratively with regulatory agencies to insure development plans address the needs of patients, owners and veterinarians.  

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