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SMN-023 Drug candidate

Canine Atopic Dermatitis

  • Atopic dermatitis similar to eczema in humans, a life-long condition that can be difficult to manage
  • Affects approximately 10% of all dogs 

Dogs and their owners have many challenges 

  • Severe itching, hair loss, tearing of the skin, skin infection, flaky skin with foul odour 
  • Creates significant distress for pet owners requiring additional trips to the veterinarian and pharmaceutical interventions

SMN-023 First Drug Candidate for Maintenance Therapy

  Improve Canine Health:

  • Reducing the number of atopic dermatitis flares leads to healthier skin 
  • Healthier skin leads to reduced secondary bacterial infections

Improved Animal Welfare:

  • Reduce the stress and discomfort associated with atopic dermatitis flares

Reduce the Pet Owner Stress:

  • Fewer atopic dermatitis flares means fewer unscheduled vet visits and their inconvenience

Convenient Product Spray Format

  • Rather than daily pilling of your pet or monthly injections from your vet, two simple sprays a week may provide effective relief for your dog.

New Therapeutic Tool for Veterinarians

  • Offering veterinarians an option to help pet-owners achieve longer periods of relief and wellness for their dog.

Significant Data Supporting SMN-023 Development

  • Active ingredient - cyclosporine: demonstrated efficacy as an oral therapy for 15+ years in canine AD 
  • High skin penetration but no significant systemic exposure (expected to lead to improved safety profile)
  • Good skin safety profile 
  • Scalable & cGMP cost-effective production
  • Sprayable formulation and patent protected
  • No approved topical cyclosporine for either human or animal health

Clinical Development

The SMN-023 drug candidate has been de-risked across a number of important drug development dimensions including safety, efficacy, manufacturing, cost and intellectual property protection.

The next step in development is a dose confirmation study to advance SMN-023 to pivotal development.   The dose confirmation study is expected to commence in summer 2018.

Following a positive outcome from this study, Simini will advance SMN-023 to complete one pivotal efficacy and one pivotal safety study to support a New Animal Drug Application with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Volunteer for the Dose Confirmation Study

Do you have a dog that has atopic dermatitis?   We would like to hear from you and see if SMN-023 can provide improved outcomes for you and your dog while in clinical development.   

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