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Veterinary surgeons have the unique confidence to make difficult decisions under pressure in the OR. This self-reliance sets them apart in their ability to find the best products to achieve surgical success.

These surgeons lead the way by demonstrating that “wound-first” products together with conventional aseptic techniques deliver the complete approach to reducing surgical infections. It is amazing to meet these special individuals, as they just “get it.”  

At Simini, we are proud of the small role we play to bring “wound-first” products, like Simini Protect Lavage and Gel, from human health to veterinary surgery.   We know that these surgeons’ commitment to reducing preventable infections will lead to a new standard of improved surgical outcomes.

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The Seatbelts of Surgery

At a seminar on surgical site infections, a resident asked about the importance of the topic as their infection rate was about 2%.    The senior surgeon of the group interrupted and said, “Our goal is to eliminate all preventable surgical infections, so we need to look at all opportunities seriously.”

He continued, “Listen, our surgical group is doing a fantastic job controlling the environment which has led to our reduced infection rate.”     Then he said something that surprised everyone, “When I think about the ‘wound-first’ approach, it makes me think of seat belts.”

The surgeons in the crowd said, “Seat belts?”

The senior surgeon continued, “Yes.   When you drive a car, an accident can happen because of you, other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, the weather, sun, rain, snow, there are too many variables to control all the time.”

“That is why we wear seat belts, no matter what can cause an accident, we are personally protected.   And further wearing seat belts is not just for bad drivers, in fact it is a sign of being a conscientious and mature driver.”

The resident persisted and said but our infection rate is only 2%.   The senior surgeon then asked “how often do accidents happen, I bet is 100 times less frequent that a surgical infection”. [It turns out to actually be 2000 times less frequently].  

And yet, everyone wears a seat belt.   The resident then said “I guess it’s time to buckle up in the OR.”

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