Can Atopic Dermatitis Flares Be Reduced?

Challenges of Atopic dermatitis

Oclacitinib (Apoquel) Symptom Rebound


One of the leading atopic dermatitis drugs is oclacitinib known by the brand name Apoquel  (Zoetis).   After two weeks of therapy, symptoms can return as the dose is reduced from twice a day to once a day.

Simini is developing SMN-023 to be administered with oclacitinib to address this need.

No Approved Maintenance Therapies


Humans also experience atopic dermatitis (known better as eczema).   Human atopic dermatitis is treated with (a) reactive therapies to address flares and (b) maintenance therapies to extend flare-free periods.

Simini is developing SMN-023 to be the first maintenance therapy for atopic dogs. 



Clinical Development

The SMN-023 product candidate has been de-risked across a number of important development dimensions including safety, efficacy, manufacturing, cost and intellectual property protection.

The next step in development is a dose confirmation study.   This will position SMN-023 for pivotal development for product approval.