Veterinarians Choose Simini

For Their Surgical Staff


 Surgical teams employ a multi-disciplinary approach to eliminate sources of infection in the surgical environment.  Simini Products complement those efforts by eliminating sources of infection in the wound itself.   

For Their Clients


Providing clients with "peace of mind" that the latest technology available is employed to reduce the risk of surgical infection. 

For Their Patients


Surgical infections can require an additional 4 months of recovery time and  a second surgery.    These unacceptable outcomes motivate surgeons to minimize the risk of surgical infection.  

For Their Community


Fewer surgical infections means more time to see new patients and have a greater impact on their community. 

Infection Rates - We Can Do Better

Just five years ago, multiple publications reported surgical infection rates of 4-12% for the most common orthopedic procedure, TPLO.   Veterinary surgeons knew this was unacceptable.  Today infection rates range from 2-6%.

Veterinary surgeons are still not satisfied and have identified multiple areas of improvement:

• Removal of bioburden (bacteria and fungi) from surgical wounds

• Destroying bacteria’s natural armor (biofilms) 

• Protecting the wound when most susceptible (72 hours post surgery)

• Locally applied, broad spectrum antimicrobials

• Reducing antibiotic use

Simini products are proven from their use in human health.  By meeting these unmet needs in veterinary surgery, Simini products are the perfect complement to current aseptic techniques and processes.  The next standard in lowering surgical infection rates is just around the corner.  


How to Order Simini Products