Simini Protect Products

Just Two Minutes for Surgical Site Infections


  • Topical Non Antibiotic Products
  • Well positioned for future of reduced antibiotic use
  • Physical mechanism of action (bacterial cell wall lysis) 
  • No known resistance to this mechanism
  • Particularly effective against biofilms
  • Good Safety Profile

Laboratory Study Results


A laboratory study compares the bacterial kill of chlorhexidine, iodine and SMN-099 in the presence of bacteria's natural armor called "biofilm."   Higher CFU (on the graph above) represents greater bacterial kill.

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Surgical Site Infection Infographic (pdf)


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Ear Infections


SMN-016 targets the key causes of ear infections (otitis): bacteria, fungus and biofilms

Skin Infections


SMN-013 is a topical non-antibiotic that has demonstrated anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm activity in laboratory studies.