Enhance Aseptic Technique for Surgical Wounds


  • In-surgery protection:  Reduce 99.98% of bioburden
  • Post-surgery protection:   Protect wound for the first 72 hrs.
  • Perfectly complements current aseptic and surgical techniques
  • First-in-class anti-biofilm agent to combat sessile microbia
  • Non-antibiotic product with broad spectrum anti-microbial activity
  • No known resistance to its mechanism of action
  • Proven products from human health, now available for veterinary surgery
  • Good safety profile


Laboratory Study Results

A laboratory study compares the bacterial kill of chlorhexidine, iodine and Simini Protect Lavage in the presence of bacteria's natural armor called "biofilm."   Higher CFU (on the graph above) represents greater bacterial kill. 

Clinical Study Results


Simini Lavage Reduces Bacteria

Human Clinical Study

40 patients with periprosthetic joint infection

(Total Knee Replacement)

Bacterial Counts Pre and Post Simini-Protect Lavage Wash


Simini Wound Gel Compared to Triple Antibiotic

Human Clinical Study

36 Patients with Chronic Wounds

12- Week Randomized, Open Label Clinical Trial

Neosporin – Triple Antibiotic (neomycin/polymyxin B/bacitracin) 

Why Choose Simini