Simini Protect Lavage and Gel Reduce Veterinary Infection Simini Protect Lavage and Gel Reduce Veterinary Infection Simini Protect Lavage and Gel Reduce Veterinary Infection

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First Non-Antibiotic In-Surgery Lavage
Simini Protect Gel

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  • Non - Antibiotic
  • No Known Resistance
  • Broad-Spectrum Activity
  • Destroys Biofilms

Frequently Asked Questions

An infection requires two things: (a) a source – bacteria, fungus, and (b) a place to grow.  If you stop either, you stop the infection.  

Veterinary medicine exclusively manages the problem by trying to eliminate sources of infection.    The Simini Protect products are the first to address “a place to grow.”

In a clinical study of human total knee replacements with periprosthetic joint infections, the Simini Protect Lavage removed 99.98% of bacteria, which lead to a 38% lower infection rate 90 days post-surgery.    These data suggest there is an untapped opportunity for lower infection rates that are difficult to achieve with current approaches alone.

The Simini Protect products are indicated for both soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries.   The products can also be used for trauma, emergency and other procedures in the veterinary clinic.

The Simini Protect products cannot be used in the eyes or inner ear or middle ear.

The best answer to this is to look at the video, at the bottom of this webpage.   The video is called the Science of Simini.

The products have two activities: (1) antibacterial / antifungal and (2) anti-biofilm (biofilm is bacteria’s natural armor to protect itself from the immune system and other antibacterial agents).

The antibacterial activity occurs through a process of bacteria cell lysis.   Said another way, it is the physical breakdown the membrane (cell wall) of bacteria.  Simply put, when the bacterial membrane is broken, the contents of the cells are no longer viable and the bacteria dies.

Many are adopting a “Be Kind to Your Future Self” Simini Protect protocol.

 Have the Simini Protect products ready for all procedures:

  • If there is a complication in the procedure – use it
  • If the procedure takes longer than normal – use it
  • If the pet-owner would be difficult to manage through an infection – use it
  • Or just use it to minimize your infection rate on all procedures
  1. Has a fragrance (like vinegar): So you know it is present and active.
  2. Needs to be rinsed with an equal volume of saline after a one-minute exposure.
  3. Is hypertonic, so it can cause transient darkening of exposed red blood cells, however, this generally reverses following exposure to normal moisture levels.
  4. Should not be used for procedures in the inner or middle ear, or eyes.

Just prior to suturing, lavage with the Simini Protect Lavage as you would with normal saline.  We recommend about 20-25ml of Simini Protect Lavage for prophylactic use in canines.  Wait one minute, and then rinse with an equal amount of saline or water.    See product label for full details.

The wound area should be cleaned first and then the Simini Gel can be applied liberally once per day.  The area can be bandaged or left uncovered.   See product label for full details. 

Yes.   On the webpage: Why Choose Simini , the broad spectrum activity graph (top of the page) shows Simini product activity against resistant strains of Staphylococcus Pseudintermedius (MRSP) and Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

The Untapped Opportunity to Reduce Surgical Infections

Simini Protect Addresses Surgical Infections
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